Expecting a discussion about Angular, Vue or React or the interesting Svelte and Blasor - sure I will comment on them all - but what if I told you there is a tool - a framework - that could give you superpowers?

Google Presentations

Introduction to Vue

Not getting into the nitti gritty code of Composition API, but more placing Vue in the 'landscape' and highlighting some of the cool tools that have sprung up from the Vue community.


From SPA’s to micro-frontends

A work-in-progress presentation, but I made a startup-time comparison of all the frameworks.
Then I wanted to make more so the agenda is planned but no time to do all testing.  



Trying to learn Azure DevOps?
This is another work-in-progress presentation: About Epics in SCRUM. Think of Epics as the 'locomotive', pulling all the 'train carriages' - i.e the Features. 


Project management using SCRUM in Azure DevOps is an important topic.

This is my overview of the process:
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Storypoints or not?

Defined as "A subjective unit of measure that captures the size of a user story."

This makes no sense to me!

I suggest: Use 1 day as 1 story point!

Then the summary of story points will indicate how low you think it will take to  plan, code and test a feature.

This illustration is from the Microsoft Documentation on Azure DevOps.

progress bars are shown here for a portfolio backlog.

Visit back soon!

This is where I will add my assessments about:

  • Micro-Frontends
  • Flutter
  • React vs Vue
  • Material UI vs Tailwind
  • Azure Boards best practice