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I've been a programmer all my life. Even when I developed unix courses (-92) and set up customer support (-94) and established a technical department (-95), I would always do it like a programmer: structured.

Then I became Agile and had to Scrum it all ;-)

I have been working with all kinds of computers: servers, virtual machines and personal computers.

The servers will fade away and just become services (SaaS, Paas, LaaS).

I like to lecture. As a "computer advocate" I will always promote new technology and aim for simplicity and efficiency.

I like to share my knowledge and work with students.

It was in an attempt to explain web-technology
to students in 1999 that I created a CMS product that gave work to many people over many year.

The personal computer will be even more diversified: Windows, MacOS or Linux will be challanged by new operating systems like ChromeOS and Android. Mobiles and tablets will take over more and more tasks previously done on a PC.

Right now I am working on a micro-framework, that is:
a really small web app that is used with many other small web apps
calling a lot of micro-services.

If you want me to share - ask!